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The Dutch Construction Tech movement

The Dutch Construction Tech movement
200+ ConTech startups in The Netherlands
ConTech, referring to Construction Technology, was introduced in The Netherlands in may 2015. It is all about the implementation of new technologies in the construction industry. The construction industry is one of the most conservative sectors. It is for instance the last industry on earth that can gain advantages on using new technologies like: 3D printing, robotics, virtual or augmented reality, drones, big data, smart software, new materials, sensoring and internet of things.

New business

Startups are looking for customers. Grownups are looking for innovation. Holland ConTech brings those two worlds together. We do that 24 hours a day as Chief Innovation Officers and during specific events. We organise events such as Matchmaking Meetups. During this meetup ConTech startups get the opportunity to pitch their solutions. With more then one hundred innovators and directors in the audience we do live matchmaking, so new business gets created.

The Dutch map

Holland ConTech finds new entrepreneurs working on ConTech solutions daily. Often we get the question if we would like to share our knowledge and database. In this overview you can find Holland ConTech members.

Holland ConTech for corporate organizations:

- Become a leader and first mover by exploring and experimenting.

- Create opportunities by working with startups.

- Knowledge about startups and new technologies will give you the edge.

- Get insights into the opportunities to innovate.

- Become visible with your innovation to an audience of decision makers.
Holland ConTech Map